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A great way to accomplish this is to embed TimeTrade on your website using an iframe.

Update!!! You can also use our button builder to create a custom Click To Schedule Button you can embed on any website using Lightbox technology!  Click Above for the button builder, or continue below to embed a calendar in an iframe.

It’s quick and easy to to do if you have access to the HTML of your website (if you don’t, your web developer will have no problem setting this up for you). Just follow the steps below.

  1. Create a page where the TimeTrade booking screen will appear when a visitor clicks your “Click-to-Schedule” button or hyperlink. (ex. www.yourwebsite.com/schedule)Embed TimeTrade
  2. Find your TimeTrade Activity URL (You’ll find the Activity URL by clicking on an activity in the left column of your “Home” tab) and copy it to your clipboard.
  3. Add the snippet of code below to the webpage you created from Step 1. and replace ONLY the XXXXX with the extension from your own Activity URL from Step 2 (NOTE: the TimeTrade booking screen requires a width of 750px and a height of 525px).
Embed Code
Embed Code
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