Save The Trials: Funny Marketing Campaign Video

Video has been known to boost click-throughs, sharing, and brand recognition when used in your marketing campaigns.  We try to use videos in all of the marketing and sales collateral we share out.  In our latest campaign, we created a video to help boost conversion rates from our trial accounts.  This video is shared towards the end of a trial when we send our trial expiration notifications.  Do you think we’ve jumped the shark?

Since updating our emails we’ve seen our Workgroup Trail email open rates jump from 26.9% to 34%. Also the %Clicked to Open have jumped from 1.9% to 31.4%.

Our Professional Trial email open rates have jumped from 34.1% to 39.3%.  Now we didn’t have a CTA in our old email but our current Click  rate is 8.7% which leaves our %Click to Open rate at 22.%1!

The metrics are looking great so far and soon we’ll be able to calculate our conversion rate. We’re looking forward to the results!

save the trials

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